Sunday, September 30, 2012

Movin' on up!

Well it has been quite a while since my last update. I haven't really had much to update you on. I've just been settling into the everyday life of a teacher in a new city! We are having so much fun in Room 104!! I have such a fun group of kids!! I am constantly getting a good laugh with them! :) I am learning so much as a new teacher. Some lessons have been a little harder than others, but that is expected! I am so blessed to be working with the people that I have behind me. My team teacher, Katy, and I work so well together. It has been such a blessing to learn from her!
This last week was a very tough week for me. I have done a pretty good job of settling in and keeping myself busy to keep myself from being homesick. On Thursday my Daddy had a his 4th heartcath done. It is very hard being so far away from home when things like this happen. I am grateful that the faculty and staff at WCS were so encouraging and supportive of me on Thursday as they knew it was a tough day. Good News! Daddy didn't have to have any new stints put in, the place of concern was actually old scar tissue, not a new blockage! This was very good news!
As you know, I have been living with my TX parents since I have been here. Calvin and Margie were my house parents when I was the youth intern for the last two summers. They have been gracious enough to allow me to stay with them for my first couple of months here to allow me to get settled in and financially stable. Well.... the Lord has once again provided so much for me. There is a girl that works at WCS with me that happened to be looking for a roommate right about the time I was, and we have been able to find a really nice apartment together! Tomorrow is the big moving day! I am so excited because I will be so much closer to the school. What used to be a 25 minute drive to the church, has quickly turned into a 35 minute drive with Houston traffic. So, I will now only be about 5 minutes from the school!! Super excited to be able to save some in gas.
But the Lord wasn't done providing. The young marrieds class at Westbury has literally completely furnished our apartment! A friend of mine sent out an email saying I was in need of a few things, and literally not even a week later I have a completely furnished apartment! I am so blessed!
I'll do another update this weekend with some pictures of my new living quarters! Feel free to private message me and I will give you my new address!
Thank you all for your prayers, phonecalls, and letters in the mail.....they make me feel so loved!!!
 Miss you all!

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